Construction of gas lines

Trust us to draw gas lines to your house and object!

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The company “VA Group” serves in the field of complex gasification of private and commercial facilities and construction of gas pipes.

The construction of gas pipes is carried out in accordance with a pre-prepared Project agreed by our company in the relevant bodies. We carry out all the necessary units, install elements that ensure the correct and safe operation of the external gas supply network. We carry out the construction of gas pipes on objects and houses.

Gas pipeline construction
trust professionals.

Depending on the project requirements, Our specialists build a gas pipeline or underground pipelines. For the pipes to pass through various obstacles, the use of trenchless pipe pulling technologies can reduce customer cost. If it is necessary to protect the network from external influences, it is also possible to build a gas pipeline in the case.

How can we offer reasonable gas prices?

  • Direct contracts with the manufacturer of equipment and materials, volume discounts.
  • Do all the work only with our own strength and our own equipment, without attracting third-party contractors.
  • Years of tested, tested, effective work schemes and technological solutions.
  • Thanks to long-term state contracts, the constant equal distribution of the volume of work allows prices to remain stable, regardless of the season.

“VA Group” company offers favorable conditions for the construction of a gas line for its customers. It is important for our company that cooperation is convenient and efficient.