Carbon monoxide poisoning – SYMPTOMS AND FIRST AID

Carbon monoxide poisoning has recently become one of the most common accidents. Carbon monoxide (or carbon monoxide – CO) is used in natural gas, coal, gasoline, fuel oil, etc. in the absence of oxygen. occurs during the combustion of fuels. Carbon monoxide is a very strong poison, it spreads rapidly throughout the body, damaging the heart, brain, blood and muscles, causing rapid death. Carbon monoxide has no specific odor, color or taste. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when the ventilation system of the house is not working properly, the gas stove, bathroom “column” is not installed properly, etc. cases are possible. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, the ventilation system of the house must work well, there must be a ventilator in the bathroom and kitchen, the kitchen must always be open for breathing, and holes must be drilled in the lower part of the bathroom door. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are: – dizziness, – headache, – palpitations, – chest pain, – dry cough, – shortness of breath, – nausea, – vomiting. In more severe cases, convulsions, fainting. It should be borne in mind that a person poisoned by carbon monoxide can quickly die if the necessary assistance is not provided in a timely manner. First aid in case of carbon monoxide poisoning: – immediately take the victim outdoors (balcony, outside) – remove the collar, belt, etc. of his clothes. open – give him a semi-sitting (!) position – put a cold compress on the forehead and chest of the victim – give coffee, dark tea (if the patient does not faint). Call an ambulance immediately at the first symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning! Even after a mild poisoning, a person must be examined by a doctor.

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